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Red Line Testimonials

1967 RS Camaro
2014-07-20, 17:30
2 years ago

I was having electrical and engine problems with my 1967 Camaro RS/SS. Not only did David help me with a towing service to his location...
Kate Russo
2014-07-20, 17:29
Experienced and professional, Red Line got my '73 Camaro running very well in no time after having timing issues. Other mechanics had looked at my car...
TJ Mitchell
2014-07-20, 17:25
2 weeks ago
Had some electrical work done on my 1967 Ford Mustang. Got it done quickly and have had no significant issues since. Very satisfied with ...

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Are you ready to take your car to a high quality Salt Lake City auto restoration shop that really cares about your car? It's time for Red Line Restoration, We Are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is glad to restore your car.

You can trust your classic to Red Line, we pride ourselves in doing the highest quality muscle car restoration work possible for our customers.

Be the first to get your classic car to the brand new shop, bring your car to Red Line, we love American classics, and we'd love to see restore classic muscle car in our shop next, your classic can be the talk of the town.

We have closed the shop while we look for a building to buy, if you would like to put your car on a list to get in when we locate a new shop give us a call at 801-953-0932. Our restoration shop is always ready for your project to come in.

We are glad to do the smallest mechanical repair all the way to a full frame off restoration. Your classic will always be beautiful to you, but let's make the entire town take notice it with a brand new custom auto paint job, or a full restoration.

Don't wait until the fun time of year to rejuvenate your perfect companion. It would never leave you out in the cold, so do that same for it and make it look and run great once again.

 At Red Line we try very hard to give our customers exactly what they want, it doesn't matter what that may be, from a factory stock car restoration, to a full custom hot rod anything is possible.

Isn't it about time that your American classic was the talk of the block, it can be with a little work, and some time. Let's restore the love of your life today, Make your car the toast of the town with a fresh muscle car restoration.

We are fully capable of building any hot rod, street rod, or custom built car that you want.

Don't wait for summer to get here before you decide it's the right idea, your American classic needs attention it simply won't last forever. It time to take a look at returning your classic to it's original splendour.

You know that you love your car, it holds a lot of memories for you. Maybe it's time to remember it and give Red Line a call today.

We will treat you pride an joy just like it was our own. Let's do that custom paint work, mechanical work, or restoration that you been waiting for.

 We can make all of your dreams come true, Red Line only uses the latest tools, equipment, and car restoration techniques to get the job done right. Your car can be prefect again; just the way that you remember it.

We are hoping that your car will be the next to enter the shop. You've been waiting long enough, it's about time your dreams came true at Red Line Restoration.

No need to put the old American classic in the back yard to rot, it's time to put it back on the road again.

all you have to do is give us a call at 801-953-0932. Please give us a call today, Red Line will bring your pride and joy back to life again.

it can't hurt to see what we can do for you, and it can most certainly help your automobile to look really good. You will be proud to drive it again.

Let's make that classic automobile the object of your passion again, it's time to fall in love with your classic all over again.

Do you remember when all you wanted to do is drive your automobile, do you remember all of the good times that you had in it. You can re-live it all again but you have to save your pride and joy.


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