The Process To Invest In Classic Cars Volume 2


We just finished up the process to invest in classic cars. We are now moving to the next article in the series about investing in classic cars. Here we will cover some more of the basic ideas and strategies that will help you invest in classic cars.

This is the money stage of the process, here you need to know what your looking for. Do you want to restore the car, or would you like it completely finished. Now days you also have another choice also it’s called a preserved cars.

This is the in between in price category. I don’t know if the idea of preserved cars is going to last or make a big impact in the car world, but they seem to be selling well right now. A preserved car is one that you sell as is, and it is lest that way, it’s not a perfect condition survivor.

This does give you some choices when it comes to how much you want to spend. If your looking for highly collectible cars you need the pocket book ready to open because it will be opening wide. If your collection is to be museum quality cars be ready to pay the price.

The idea is to buy cars that don’t lose value over time. It doesn’t matter if it takes them a long time to be worth what you spent on them. All you need to know is that they will be worth the money if your hold on to them.

If your looking to save a little money when you buy your investment car you will be looking at cars that need work. Or you will be looking at preserved cars. For the moment we will stick with cars that need some restoration work because that will cost your the least of the three options.

What your hoping for here is that you can do some of the work on your own. But if the car is to gain value it must have everything that it came with from the factory. If your missing one or two things it may not kill the value of the car but it will be worth less in the end.

This is another place that you will use your newly gained knowledge of the numbering system on your cars. As an investor your not looking to buy a car that you will be driving very often. Investment cars usually just sit most of their lives and look good.

The more comfortable you get with the numbers the less you will make bad investment decisions on the cars that you buy. My goal with these articles is to help those who’d like to start investing classic cars and loving them the way that I do.

Your budget is going to tell you what kind of classic cars to buy. If your need to save money there is no doubt that you will be doing some restoration work on the cars. Or you could start out in preserved cars, although not as pretty they are a great investment.

Obviously at the first you might not make the right decision, but you will not make a decision that lose you money if you know the numbers, and do you research on the cars. I love classic cars and the people who love them I will keep posting these articles if they help.