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Learn how to build and restore your own classic car.

May 18

How To Buy A Classic Corvette Do It Right

How To Buy A Classic Corvette How to buy a classic corvette. So you want to buy a classic Corvette to restore, well hopefully this is not your first attempt

May 16

1969 Z/28 Decoding The Numbers Know The Truth

Casting #s and RPO codes Decoding your Camaro’s Numbers for authenticity

May 14

Classic Car Restoration Can Be A Fun Family Project

Classic Car Restoration Classic car restoration can be a fun family project. Over the years I have written a lot of articles about classic cars and the virtues of them.

May 10

How To Decide What Classic Car Restore

What classic car to restore How to decide what classic car to restore. Most people restore a car because it reminds them of the good times, the times when all

May 08

Buying A Classic Corvette?

Classic Corvette It has been a while since I wrote a classic Corvette article. I figure that it’s about time I did again, I love the Corvette and I hope

May 08

Are You Selling Your Classic Car Do The Research

Are You Selling Your Classic Car? Are you selling your classic car? The idea is to make sure that you get what the car is worth, you don’t want to