High Performance Street Rod
1959 Apache Restomod

You’re High-Performance Street Rod

Every car guy has the dream of building a high-performance street rod.

But everybody has a different definition of high performance. To me, it’s an American muscle car putting down a true 600 or higher horsepower to the rear wheels.

Therefore if you run an automatic transmission you can plan to lose about 30% of the power that your engine generates through the drive train.

20% from the automatic transmission and about 10% through the wist and flex of the driveshaft and u-joint.

You need to plan for these things.

In essence, you will need to think not only about how much power you want, but how you will put it to the ground.

You can build all of the power in the world but with no traction none of that matters.

Building High-Performance

This is done through suspension and tires.

You need to not only match the components of the engine such as the heads, camshaft, intake, pistons and fuel injection or carburetor.

You also need to match these things up with the right suspension, steering, and transmission.

The entire car needs to be built to match.

Think of it like when you go out on the town and make all of your clothes match.

If any of the matching components fail it won’t be pretty.

It is never about only one thing when building cars to make power.

It is about the entire ensemble.

Once you make everything work together with the way that it should you will be amazed at what will happen when you turn the key to start the engine.

In the engine itself the two things that make the most difference as far as raw power are the camshaft and heads.

If you build your engine around those two things you will have a solid power plant.

After that, you can start to think about stroking the crank, because it’s true that there is no replacement for displacement.

In essence, a supercharger or turbocharger makes an engine think it is bigger then it is.

That is truly putting in the simplest terms possible.

It shoves more air and fuel into the engine to make a bigger boom.

Which is basically what a bigger engine does to make more power.

Therefore the more air and fuel, the more powerful the engine.

If you build your engine around the ides of making a bigger boom then you will create more power. But with more power things will break if they are not built to take the abuse the extra power will deliver. As usual with my articles, I try to help my readers with a problem.

I hope this helps you understand that building a high powered engine means nothing unless the rest of the car can handle the power.

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