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Classic Cars Can Be Fun

Classic Cars

Have you ever wanted to buy or build classic cars? They can be a lot of fun and they are a great way to connect with memories of the good old days.

It doesn’t matter what classic cars you like or, want to build they can all be fun. But you need to plan the process carefully so you can get the outcome you want. Continue reading “Classic Cars | Muscle Cars | Custom Cars”

Why Would I Restore A Classic Car Or Build A Hot Rod

Restore A Classic Car Or Build A Hot Rod

Restore A Classic Car Or Build A Hot Rod

The best reason that I can think of is that you love the car you want to restore or hot rod it.

Because it reminds you of a better more simple time in your life.

When life was all about you and your friends, and those certain cars that you all had.

A car is a powerful reminder of certain events and times in your life.

Because you met your wife and took her on your first date in that car.

You had some of the best times in your life while driving that particular car.

Classic car restoration is a big project and you need to be ready for it.

Don’t get caught up in the moment and have bad things happen.

If you plan to restore the car by yourself and have a shop do only the work you can’t do yourself.

You need a solid plan of action.

Here Is The List

  1. Decide exactly what you want the car to be when it’s finished, do you want a daily driver or a show car, while they are the same car the project changes quite significantly for a show car.
  2. Decide if you want custom touches like paint, interior, engine or mechanical. These add more time and money to the project.
  3. After you have decided on the number (2) you can start to plan a parts list. You need to think about what parts can be fixed and what needs to be replaced if you’d like to customize the car you need to think about what parts you will need to complete that process.
  4. Think about the timeline, the faster you want the car done the more money that you will be spending on the project if a shop does the work
  5. Most shops don’t like being made to do things fast, and you should keep that in mind.
  6. The plan needs to encompass time, parts and labor and supplies.
  7. Make sure that you look at all of the chrome and stainless trim on the car and decide what needs to be replaced and what can be fixed.
  8. If you need to have stainless trim fixed to make sure that you locate a place that can do it, these places are getting harder to find, and some trim cannot be replaced especially if the car is a low production model.


How to restore a classic car on a budget

Most importantly you need to make sure that you don’t miss anything when you inspect the car.

How through you are is key to the project getting completed the way that you envision it.

If you want to restore a car for resale. don’t It will take more for restoration than you think.

This is because no matter how good you plan you can’t see the future. 

Most importantly you should sell the car as is.

If you are planning to resell the car.

You need to buy a car that has very little work to do on it.

Only farm out the work that you absolutely have to to get the job done.

The more you do yourself the better off you will be.

Be certain if you intend to resell the car that it will sell for enough to cover your parts and labor.

Most importantly generate a profit for you. Because you are looking to make money.

You will lose on some projects for resale that is just the nature of the game, but you can win on most of them.

muscle car restoration

Bidding On A Car At The Auction Can Be Fun But Be Carful

Bidding on a car at the classic car auction can be fun. Bidding On A Car At The Auction

In this article, I will give you a few tips to keep things in check.

Go to the auction looking for the perfect car but set a bid limit and when you get to the auction stick to it.

The auction is very fast-paced with all of the excitement and a couple of testosterone-fueled bidders going at each other like rabid wolves.

Don’t let the excitement dictate how the auction goes for you.

Know what you’re looking for and want you to want to spend to buy it. Continue reading “Bidding On A Car At The Auction Can Be Fun But Be Carful”

Hand Built Hot Rods By Red Line Restoration

Custom 1969 Camaro
Custom 1969 Camaro

Hand Built Hot Rods Bring Your Vision To Light

Red Line Restoration is in the business of building custom cars, rather it’s a full ground-up restoration or hand-built hot rods.

Or A restomod we can get it done to a high-quality standard.

We pride ourselves in building the highest quality cars on the street or at the shows.

Because we are trying to build lifetime customers for our shop. We do this one hand-built hot rod at a time.

Hot rods and restomods are all about bringing a vision to light.

If you have a vision in you’re mind’s eye, we can put it on the street.

Every shop has a different personality and different craftsman working for them.

Different people will interpret your vision differently, therefore, making your car different form every other one.

The differences may be scuttle or very drastic depending on the vision you have for your hand-built hot rod.

The obvious thing with every hot rod or restomod is that you want it to look like a work of art.

Most importantly you are trying to achieve perfection in your mind’s eye.

Be ist a muscle car or a Cadillac you’re hand-built hot rod should be exactly what you want it to be.

A hand-built hot rod is an interpretation of the vision that you and the shop have in your minds collectively.

Often the best work a shop does is when the customer gives them free rein over the project.

Rather your vision needs to be built to an exact outcome or you give the shop freedom to use their creativity.

Therefore you should still get a perfect car in your eyes.

You’re First Classic Car Restoration Do It Right

Classic Car Restoration

In this article, I will give you some hints and tips to make your first classic car restoration a screaming success.

There are some things that you need to know before you decide to restore a classic car.

They may be common sense but it seems that a lot of people don’t follow them.

You should start with a cat that is easy to get parts for and a popular car that a lot of people are restoring.

if parts are easy to get this helps you to complete the project with less stress.

The whole idea of classic car restoration is to have fun and the easier it is to restore the more fun you will have the first time you do it. Continue reading “You’re First Classic Car Restoration Do It Right”

Are You Thinking About Buying A Classic Corvette Do It Right

Buying A Classic Corvette

Buying A Classic Corvette
1967 Corvette Restomod

It has been a while since I wrote a classic Corvette article.

So I figure that it’s about time I did again.

The Chevrolet Corvette is one of the few cars that GM never rolled back production of.

Because the Corvette is an American institution.

It is the only car on the planet that qualifies as a muscle car and a sports car.

It still does to this day, and that will never end.

It has been a mainstay of Chevrolet sales since the beginning. Continue reading “Are You Thinking About Buying A Classic Corvette Do It Right”

A Few Things To Look For In A Classic Car Project

1960 Cadillac Project Car

Classic Car Project

So you’re looking for a classic car project, here are a few things to look for in a classic car project to make the work more smooth and enjoyable.

Start the search by doing a mental search of the things that you are good at doing as far as body and mechanical repair.

I will list a few below. Continue reading “A Few Things To Look For In A Classic Car Project”