Red Line Hot Rod Shop Salt Lake City

Custom 1969 Camaro Along with a world-class restoration shop, Red Line offers custom-built hod rods and restomods. There is no job we won’t tackle and finish to your specs. We love muscle cars but we will be glad to build any hot rod, restomod or custom car you want....

Build You’re High Performance Street Rod

1959 Apache Restomod You’re High-Performance Street Rod Every car guy has the dream of building a high-performance street rod. But everybody has a different definition of high performance. To me, it’s an American muscle car putting down a true 600 or higher horsepower...

A Few Things To Look For In A Classic Car Project

Classic Car Project So you’re looking for a classic car project, here are a few things to look for in a classic car project to make the work more smooth and enjoyable. Start the search by doing a mental search of the things that you are good at doing as far as body...

How To Choose A Camshaft By Red Line Restoration

How To Choose A Camshaft How to choose a camshaft first, let me explain how the camshaft lobe works in the easiest terms. What you will be looking at when you go to purchase a camshaft is lift and duration. The lift is how much the valve opens and duration is how long...

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