How To Buy A Classic Corvette Do It Right

How To Buy A Classic Corvette How to buy a classic corvette. So you want to buy a classic Corvette to restore. Therefore hopefully this is not your first attempt at restoring a car, Corvette’s a just a bit different than most cars, being as how they are made of...

1969 Z/28 Decoding The Numbers Know The Truth

If you love your Camaro learn the numbers. 1969 Z/28 Decoding The Numbers Because I get a lot of people looking for information about their casting numbers and RPO codes at my blogs. Therefore I figured that it was about time that I de-mystified them. I hope it helps...

Classic Car Restoration Can Be A Fun Family Project

1947 Dodge Classic Car Restoration Classic car restoration can be a fun family project. Over the years I have written a lot of articles about classic cars and the virtues of them. Nothing has changed a restoration project can bring the family together and help them...

Classic Car Storage Protect Your Investment

Classic Car Storage Classic Car Storage A classic or exotic car is a big investment and you need a dependable place to store it out of the elements. If you are a serious car person you’re concerned about your car and you don’t want to let it sit out in the elements...

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