Classic Car Restoration From Ground Up Know What To Look For

Classic Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration

Classic car restoration is a big job with a lot of processes involved. It can get very involved and take a lot of time but the reward is great. If your thinking about restoring a classic car or a muscle car you should think about how you’d like it to go.

An average restoration with a car that is in good condition usually takes about 800-900 hours. In the city where I live a typical restoration shop body repair labor rate is about $75.00 per hour and the mechanical rate is about $135.00 per hour.

If you do any custom work or decide to build a restomod it will and time and labor to your project.

Classic Car Restoration Know What To Look For

You have got to have all of your ducks in a row and know what you want to accomplish when you restore your classic car.

You should obviously restore a car that you like, and have a strong connection to it. This is not something to go willy nilly about. It is something that you should plan so you don’t run out of funds and you can build the car to your vision.

It is very important that you know what you want so it can be delivered and you will love it.

Of course, there are always hiccups along the way and things happen that change the process and the way your vision materializes but it will happen if you keep working it.

If you don’t have the car yet I would suggest that you locate a car that you like and buy it. If the car is where you can see and feel it your vision will come into view a lot faster.

Don’t just dive in head first and get ripped off, that is not good for you or the people working on your car.

I suggest that you do as much of the work as possible yourself and when you need help contact a shop.

But do your research, we get calls from people every day that have been ripped off by a fly by night shop or a shop that doesn’t usually work on classic cars.

The shops that don’t specialize in classic cars don’t like a project that is in their shop for a long period of time, they like the quick in and out of the new cars.

They usually know what they are doing on a car that they can plug a diagnostic tool into and it tells them where to look for the problem.

They are now used to classic cars and the process of elimination to locate a problem and fix it.

When looking for a classic car shop you should ask a lot of questions and get to know the shop owner.

Ask how long they have been in business and if they have any customer references you can get.

It is not rude to learn as much as you can about the shop you want to do the work on your car.