What Car Should I Restore?

Decide what classic car to restore

How to decide what classic car to restore. Most people restore a car because it reminds them of the good times, the times when all they had to do is hang out with friends and build their cars. They would go to the drive-in at night or on the weekends and all of their friends would be there with their cars.

It was really about showing who could build the best cars and come up with the best mods to make them faster. It’s still about the same things, but as we get older we try everything to keep a hold of a little of our younger lives, and for a lot of us that we all about cars.

Take Your Time & Choose Right

If you are trying to decide on a car to build with your family, or have a shop build it could be as easy as looking back in your history and remembering those days when life was all about your friends and your cars, a time when it all seemed more simple.
Think about the cars that you drove, and how they made you feel. Make a list of your favorites ones and look pictures up on the net. This will help you discover what car it is that makes you say aww now that’s cool, the one that evokes all of those good-time memories.

You know the Saturday nights racing your best friends and building the custom car of your dreams. The times modifying and trying to outdo your friends. The one that made you feel like the king of the road. For me, that car is a 1969 Z/28 Camaro.

For you it could be a Mustang, A Dodge Charger, a Corvette, it doesn’t matter what that car is, what matters is how it makes you feel. You get in and turn the key and you feel like your world has changed and you have become a man with a mission.

That is the thing that drives a person to restore a classic car if you have never felt it before. You probably don’t understand why these people spend thousands and hundreds of thousands to restore or customize an old car, to you it’s just an old car.

As a lover of the classic car, I would say to you when that new car is sixty years old tell me then how much better it is. Since it will probably never be that old, and you will never have the opportunity to do so, and at that time mine will still be around and it will still be a better-built car.

We do it because we love classic cars, we love everything about them, and we always will. But I digress, I will get back to the matter at hand, you should restore a classic car because you love it, and it makes you feel like nothing else can.

You look at the classic cars and say they had style, they weren’t just cookie-cutter cars like all of the cars today. Every car didn’t look like it borrowed ideas from Europe, they all had a personality all their own just like the people who own them.

Back then the United States led the way in cars, and we didn’t borrow ideas from anybody. We were the king and there was no doubt about it. Classic car people remember these days and would like to keep them alive by restoring a little of the past.

As for me, I am not a purist, I prefer a resto-mod, it still looks like the classic car that it was back in the day, but it had modern features like brakes that work and a modern engine. Built to the specs of today, the bodies on the new cars will never be as good as the classics.

Well there you go, that is just a few reasons why people restore classic cars, and build custom cars. I thought it would be a bit of fun to try to explain why we are nuts about classic cars.

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