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Have you ever thought of restoring a classic car as a family project? It can be a lot of fun and the entire family can get involved and enjoy the process. It can be a daunting project though so be sure that you are prepared to take it on.

If I were doing a restoration as a family project I would start with the car the manufacturers built a lot of like a Camaro or Mustang. These cars are good to start with because the parts are easy to find, and that is one of those things that makes it a lot smoother the first go around.

 I hate to scare people off but I also like to speak the truth about the process. Before you buy the car I would get in inspected by a professional classic car inspector. There are a lot of good ones out there. I would start by looking for them on the internet IE “Google them.”

 Ask them for references of people that they have done work for in the past. You will find a good one if you ask the right questions. I would say if you're looking to get a good car to start with a plan on spending $10.,000 for the car itself, the days of good cars for $2,500 are gone.

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Are you selling your classic car? The idea is to make sure that you get what the car is worth, you don't want to lose on the deal. If you plan to sell the car by yourself it requires studying. You need to know what the fair market value of your car is.

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It has been a while since I wrote a classic Corvette article. I figure that it's about time I did again, I love the Corvette and I hope that a lot of people share my feelings. The Chevrolet Corvette is one of the few cars that GM never rolled back production of.

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A classic car or exotic car is a big investment and you need a dependable place to store it out of the elements. If you are a serious car person you are concerned about your car an your don’t want to let it sit out in the elements and deteriorate.

You need to store your car in a dust free climate controlled area. The weather changes from cold to hot and humid to not humid. All of these things will destroy car interiors and paint along with tires. Your tires will develop flat spots if the car sits in one place to long with the tires aired up all the way for too long.

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