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Red Line Restoration

It Feels Like Home


A true storage facility should make sure to monitor the critical things about your classic or exotic car and make sure that nothing happens to it. You need to store a car in a place that has classic car experts working to keep it in good condition.

The condition of your car should be as important to the people who store it as it is to you and it should excite them to have it the way it does you to drive it. The people storing your car should be respectful of your love for the car. 

The place you store your car should offer services above and beyond just storage. Such as fluid check and fill, fluid change and monitor the air in your tires, if you store it for long periods of time they should make sure the fuel and oil are stabilized.

They should offer to keep you car clean inside and out along with the engine compartment. They should offer get ready services so when you pick up your car it is ready to drive. They should also offer full and partial restoration services for body and paint along to mechanical repair.


Services that should be offered:


  • Intake check before storing for a long period of time
  • Tire check and air regulation during storage to prevent tire flat spots
  • Battery monitoring during storage
  • Full body and mechanical restoration as needed
  • Classic car experts o duty
  • Regular car cleaning inside and out
  • Stabilizing fluids before storage for long periods of time
  • Climate controlled indoor storage
  • Monthly or yearly storage options