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Learn about classic car restoration from the pros, and get the questions about your project answered.


How to decide what classic car to restore. Most people restore a car because it reminds them of the good times, the times when all they had to do is hang out with friends and build their cars. They would go to the drive-in at night or on the weekends and all of their friends would be there with their cars.

It was really about showing who could build the best cars and come up with the best mods to make them faster. It's still about the same things, but as we get older we try everything to keep a hold of a little of our younger lives, and for a lot of us that we all about cars.

 If you are trying to decide on a car to build with your family, or have a shop build it could be as easy as looking back in your history and remembering those days when life was all about your friends and your cars, a time when it all seemed more simple.

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There are a number of things that you should consider before you dive head first into a classic car restoration. If you plan the project correctly you will get exactly the outcome you are looking for. There is always a reason to restore a car.

For some people it's as simple as nostalgia, it reminds them of better times. For others, it's a business, and their goal is to make money restoring classic cars. And then there are those who do it for an investment, and classic cars are a good investment if you buy the right ones.

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Cobra Body

First of all the basic definition of a classic car restoration is to return a classic car to new or better than new condition. This means a lot of different things to different people. I will try to demystify what is it to the best of my knowledge.

Let's remember when these cars were new. They really didn't stop very well, and they were good in a straight line but through corners, they didn't perform that well. They had a lot of power and poor gas mileage, so you need to decide what it is you are looking for in the classic car restoration.

During my time in the industry I have seen a lot of people very disappointed after they restore their cars because they think it will be better than it was when it rolled off of the factory assembly line, and this just is not the case unless you let the shop know that you want the car modified.

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