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Welcome to Red Line Restoration, we specialize in muscle car restoration and design. American muscle is our business and business is good.

We love classic American muscle and classic muscle cars. We can build an automobile to your specs, or restore it to factory or better condition.

Please call us any time at 801-953-0932 and ask for Dave. Or email dave

Muscle Car Restoration

Building quality is our business and customer satisfaction is what we do. We love classic American muscle machines and restomods, and we look forward to your project being the next in the shop.

We pride ourselves in creating the best outcome for us and our valued customers.

Restoring your automobile can put the pride that you used to feel back in driving it. It doesn’t matter what American classic you own we will treat it like it belonged to us, and when you pick it up you will be proud to show it off and drive it.

Red Line is in the business of developing customer relationships that last a lifetime, we aim to give each customer the highest quality that we possibly can. It is our pleasure to work on your classic car next.

Muscle car restoration is our passion at Red Line, and we show our customers this every day.

Red Line Restoration specializes GM and Mopar restoration, and we do it right the first time. We love muscle cars at Red Line.

As muscle car restoration shops we all try to provide high-quality work and the industry is very competitive. Our shop doesn’t feel the need to undercut the other guy. or disparage any other shop.

Why Restore?

1. The first and best reason is that you love your automobile.
2. Because you have something custom that you’d like done to it.
3. Because it reminds you of a better time in your life.

Our Process & Quality Of Our Muscle Car Restoration

Our process is what makes our shop work for you, and us.
1. Listen to the customer requests
2. Build a plan to restore their classic, or build a hot rod.
3. Inform the customer of things that can happen during the build process.
4. Keep the customer informed during the process.
5. Come to an understanding of exactly what you expect from us.
6. Learn what Red Line expects from our customers.
7. Sign the contract and start the job.

Customer pride & satisfaction

This is a core part of our core beliefs at Red Line Restoration.
We like to build lifetime friendships, and we’ll always be there to help with your project.
It’s not enough to just build a ride and get it out the door, we love to build quality into every project.

Our customers are always welcome at the shop.
Your project is our success, we work hard to deliver exactly what you want.

We always have the time to discuss your ideas and concerns.
We specialize in the restoration of classic American cars

Red Line specializes in the restoration of classic American automobiles and classic muscle cars, but we are more than happy to restore any make or model that you own. If you don’t own the car that you’d like to restore yet we can help you locate the perfect candidate for a high-quality restoration.

Please stop by Red Line Classic Cars. This is our sister web site and you can request exactly what car you are looking for.

It may be hard to find your perfect car but we can come close, if it’s not perfect we can make it that way. By making a plan to bring the car up to your expectations.

When your car leaves Red Line Restoration you will love it, and we promise you that. It will be exactly what you have always dreamed it could be.

Now is the time to build your dream and make it happen, it will last you a lifetime. It will be the best thing you could do for your car and yourself.