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How To Buy A Classic Corvette

How to buy a classic corvette. So you want to buy a classic Corvette to restore.

Therefore hopefully this is not your first attempt at restoring a car, Corvette’s a just a bit different than most cars, being as how they are made of fiberglass.

But don’t get the idea that Corvette’s can’t rust, they still have plenty of steel in them also.

Corvette’s are one of my favorite cars ever built, and I have done a lot of studying on them.

I have never owned one yet, because the one that I’d like to buy, I can’t exactly afford just yet.

Hopefully, I can help you in your endeavor to restore a Corvette.

If you are looking to buy a Corvette to restore, I’ll give you a few pointers on what to look for here.

The first thing you have got to think about is how much money are you willing to spend to buy and restore your Corvette.

Because you’ve got to remember that a Corvette is different than all other classic American muscle cars.

Because a piece of crap could cost you $30,000 dollars to start with, this is, of course, depending on what year of Corvette you’re looking for.

Let’s just say that you’re looking for a 1967 L88 Corvette, which by the way is the car I want to get.

I’ve seen an L88 427 engine for sale on eBay, and it’s in its second day of seven days of bidding.

Therefore it was already at $15,000, this has got to tell you something, this is just the engine for the L88 Corvette, not the entire car.

It is worth every penny of what they sell it for too, a Corvette can be a costly adventure.

Be ready to spend your cash on that wonderful beautiful piece of American motoring history.

It’s worth every last cent that you spend on it, there is nothing like the feeling of getting in your big block Corvette and firing it up for a drive.

My friend owned a 1968 L88 Corvette, and I got to drive it, which I’ll never forget.

Now I will expound on a few things to check before you buy that classic Corvette.

Check the numbers

Check the Body id tag, the engine casting number and engine RPO number.

Also, be sure to check the title of the car and make sure that it matches what the number tells you.

Therefore Check the name, address, phone number of the past owner on the title.

How To Buy A Classic Corvette


  1. Make sure that everything looks square.
  2. Check nose alignment, door gaps, hood gaps, check how the headlight open and close

Wheel well height:

  1. Check from the right.
  2. Check front left.
  3. Check right rear.
  4. Check left rear.
    Body Surface:


  1. Check for ripples in the bodywork.
  2. Check for visible seems.
  3. Sinking beneath the paint.

Paint Work:

  1. Original Color.
  2. Overspray.
  3. Paint surface problems.
  4. Color Match.

Check The Gaps:

  1. Front Bumper.
  2. Hood.
  3. Doors.
  4. T-Top / Decklid.
  5. Rear Bumper.

Steel Work

  1. Undercoat.
  2. Surface Rust.
  3. Flaking Rust.
  4. Patch Repairs.
  5. Check windshield posts.
Under Hood & Engine

  1. Condition of painted surfaces.
  2. Condition of chrome.

Check for originality:

  1. Exhaust.
  2. Carburetor.
  3. Intake Manifold.
  4. Air Cleaner.
  5. Check wiring harness.
  6. F. Check the belts.

Check for maintenance:

  1. Coolant Level.
  2. Engine Oil.
  3. Hydraulic Fluid.
  4. Transmission Fluid.
  5. Power Steering Fluid.

Check Engine For Condition

  1. Engine exhaust smoke when revved.
  2. Examine inside of oil filler cap, look for an off white residue, it indicates water in the oil.
  3. Examine coolant for oil in the water, indicates cracked heads or block.
  4. Check radiator for leaks.

Check Engine For Leaks.

  1. Check the valve covers.
  2. Check around the distributor.
  3. Check the front and back of the intake manifold.
  4. Check the oil pan for leaks.
  5. Check just in front of the transmission for oil leaks, indicates a bad rear main seal.

These are a few things to check on a Corvette before you buy it.

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