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Custom Cars Build Your Dream Through You Eyes

Custom Cars
1966 Cobra Paint Work Completed.

Red Line custom cars, build your dream through your eyes. Every car guy has a dream for a certain car that special one that make him the remember the old days and hanging with his friends. Isn’t it time your made that dream come true?

It doesn’t matter if your vision is an American muscle car or an old style hot rod or rat rod. Red Line custom cars can make it happen for you, we can build from the ground up or any part of your car that you need help with. We do not have limit like other shops.

Services Available:

1. Custom car design

2. Custom paint

3, High performance engine work

4. High performance suspension

5. Custom interior

6. Custom sheet metal fabrication

7. Custom brake systems

8. Custom electrical work

Everything is built according to your specs and your vision. We can also design your project form ground up can build a full custom car. This is a dream of most true car guys and we all want it to happen some day, now is the time.

Give us a call at 801-953-0932 and ask for Dave or use our contact form and we will answer you ASAP.

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