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Custom Corvette

Every red-blooded American car guy has dreamed of a custom Corvette at one time in their life.

Because the Corvette evokes emotions in an American car guy and they are hard to overcome.

It is the only car ever built that a muscle car and a sports car at the same time.

Because there is no doubt the Corvette is a special car that people have loved from the first one up to the latest model.

There are a lot of possibilities with a Corvette that no other car can offer.

It is uniquely American in its origin can never be denied.

There are a lot of things that make a car custom or a resto-mod.

It doesn’t matter what you call it the fact remains that there is no other car on the planet like a Corvette.

It is the top of the food chain from Chevrolet. Therefore Chevrolet guys always love the Corvette.

Custom Corvette
If you have had dreams of building one we can sympathize with you because we have too.

America’s love affair with the Corvette will never end and it shouldn’t.

At Red Line, we can make those dreams come true for you and make them a reality.

Because a custom build can include modifying a lot of different systems and structures to make your vision materialize and put it in your garage.

Because we do not draw the line anywhere as we believe that anything can be accomplished to make your dream come true.

From custom paint to interior, electrical and mechanical there is nothing we can’t do to bring your dream into reality.

Custom Corvette Work We Do

  • High-performance suspension builds
  • High-performance engine work
  • Custom body panels
  • Custom Interior
  • Custom wheels
  • Brake upgrades
  • Electrical work
  • Mechanical design and fabrication

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