Hand Built Hot Rods By Red Line Restoration

Custom 1969 Camaro
Custom 1969 Camaro

Hand Built Hot Rods Bring Your Vision To Light

Red Line Restoration is in the business of building custom cars, rather it’s a full ground-up restoration or hand-built hot rods.

Or A restomod we can get it done to a high-quality standard.

We pride ourselves in building the highest quality cars on the street or at the shows.

Because we are trying to build lifetime customers for our shop. We do this one hand-built hot rod at a time.

Hot rods and restomods are all about bringing a vision to light.

If you have a vision in you’re mind’s eye, we can put it on the street.

Every shop has a different personality and different craftsman working for them.

Different people will interpret your vision differently, therefore, making your car different form every other one.

The differences may be scuttle or very drastic depending on the vision you have for your hand-built hot rod.

The obvious thing with every hot rod or restomod is that you want it to look like a work of art.

Most importantly you are trying to achieve perfection in your mind’s eye.

Be ist a muscle car or a Cadillac you’re hand-built hot rod should be exactly what you want it to be.

A hand-built hot rod is an interpretation of the vision that you and the shop have in your minds collectively.

Often the best work a shop does is when the customer gives them free rein over the project.

Rather your vision needs to be built to an exact outcome or you give the shop freedom to use their creativity.

Therefore you should still get a perfect car in your eyes.

Are You Thinking About Buying A Classic Corvette Do It Right

Buying A Classic Corvette

Buying A Classic Corvette
1967 Corvette Restomod

It has been a while since I wrote a classic Corvette article.

So I figure that it’s about time I did again.

The Chevrolet Corvette is one of the few cars that GM never rolled back production of.

Because the Corvette is an American institution.

It is the only car on the planet that qualifies as a muscle car and a sports car.

It still does to this day, and that will never end.

It has been a mainstay of Chevrolet sales since the beginning. Continue reading “Are You Thinking About Buying A Classic Corvette Do It Right”